VAULT   Unlike most of the gymnastic events employing apparatuses, the vault is common to both men's and women's competition, with little difference between the two categories. A gymnast sprints down a runway before leaping onto a spring board and directs his or her body hands-first towards the vault.  The gymnast then rotates his or her body so as to land in a standing position on the far side of the vault. 

FLOOR EXERCISE   The floor event occurs on a carpeted area. A series of tumbling passes is performed to demonstrate flexibility, strength, balance, and power. Gymnast also shows strength skills, including circles, scales, and press handstands.

UNEVEN BARS   On the uneven bars the gymnast navigates two horizontal bars set at different pre-set heights yet alterable widths. Gymnasts perform swinging, circling, transitional, and release moves — as well as moves that pass through the handstand. The most common way to mount these bars is by jumping towards the lower bar first.

BALANCE BEAM   The gymnast performs a choreographed routine consisting of leaps, acrobatic skills, turns and dance elements on a padded spring beam. The beam is only 10cm wide and requires spectacular balance, flexibility and strength.

POMMEL HORSE  A typical pommel horse exercise involves both single leg and double leg work. Single leg skills are generally found in the form of scissors. Double leg work however, is the main staple of this event. The gymnast swings both legs in a circular motion and performs such skills on all parts of the apparatus. Routines end when the gymnast performs a dismount, either by swinging his body over the horse, or landing after a handstand.

RINGS  The rings are arguably the most physically demanding event. The rings are suspended on wire cable and adjusted in height so the gymnast has room to hang freely and swing. He must perform a routine demonstrating balance, strength, power, and dynamic motion while preventing the rings themselves from swinging.  Static strength moves are also performed during routines. .

PARALLEL BARS  Men perform on two bars slightly further than a shoulder's width apart and usually 1.75m high while executing a series of swings, balances, and releases that require great strength and coordination.

  A steel bar raised 2.5 m above the landing area is all the gymnast has to hold onto as he performs giants (revolutions around the bar), release skills, twists, and changes of direction. By using the momentum from giants and then releasing at the proper point, enough height can be achieved for spectacular dismounts, such as a triple back somersaults.


We have classes for all levels - Beginner through Elite, Age 4 years to Adults.



Marbella Gymnastics Club

Artistic Olympic Gymnastics for Children, Teens and Adults

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ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS is an OLYMPIC SPORT  where acrobatic feats and tricks are performed in short routines on various apparatus. 

A popular spectator sport due to the incredible strength, flexibility, coordination and balance required to perform, Artistic Gymnastics has recently been voted the Number 1 Olympic Sport.

ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS increases both mental and physical strength and provides huge cross-over benefits in other sports.  Many professional athletes are now including Artistic Gymnastics in their training programs.

MARBELLA GYMNASTICS CLUB provides Gymnastics Coaching for all. Following the British Gymnastics Education program,  each class is structured to include Mobility, Warm-Up, Stretching, Apparatus Work and Cool Down.  Class sizes are kept small to ensure each Gymnast reaches their maximum potential, whilst achieving personal goals.  All Gymnasts have the opportunity to take park in Grades, Exams, Competitions and Displays.  

Our Coaches have extensive qualifications from the UK, Spain and USA in Gymnastics, Trampolining, Calisthenics, Speed, Agility & Quickness and Strength & Conditioning.   All coaches have Child Protection and are NSPCC Qualified, First Aiders and hold DBS Checks (formally CRB Checks) both in the UK and Spain.