The only dedicated Gymnastics Facility in Marbella!

Marbella Gymnastics Club

Artistic Olympic Gymnastics for Children, Teens and Adults

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Nave 46a, Poligono Nueva Campana
   Nueva  Andalucia, Marbella, 29660

Our Equipment and matting are supplied by approved Olympic Gymnastic Manufacturers to ensure we continue to meet the rigorous Safety Regulations set by the Gymnastics Federations.

We continue to add equipment to our already impressive facility, ensuring we are always up to date with the latest training and coaching techniques thus providing a stimulating, fun and creative learning facility.

Tumble Track - Probably our most popular piece of equipment! Bouncing, Skipping, Rolling, Jumping, Flips, Tricks and more all take place on this 12-meter Airtrack!

Olympic Sprung Floor - Competiton Grade Power Sprung Floor for the ultimate rebound.  Floor Routines, Warm-ups, Drills and Skills are all performed on here.

Uneven Bars -  Two wooden bars which can be adjusted in height and width to suit every gymnast.  Swings, Circles, Release and Catch Moves, Mounts, Dismounts and Somersaults are all performed on Uneven Bars.

Gymnastic Rings - Wood Rings suspended from the ceiling and height adjustable.  Static and non-static moves take place on the rings, building strength, flexibility and body control.

Vault - Full-size Olympic Vault and training vault which can be broken down into smaller sections to cater for even the youngest of gymnasts.  Jumps, Rolls, Handsprings and more are all performed over or on the Vault.

Springboards - Junior and Competitive Springboards are used during Vault practice as well as providing a rebound platform for practicing jumps, somersaults and floor moves.  

Carpet Floor Area - A triple bonded carpet area as used on a Full-Size Competitive Floor.  Warm-up, Stretching, Conditioning, Floor Routines, Balancing and Tumbling all take place here.

Balance Beams A full size Olympic Beam, training beam and floor level Beam allowing Gymnasts to work their skills and gain confidence before progressing to a full height Beam.  

Parallets - Two Parallel Bars at floor level which can also be used singular for handstand practice, uneven bar preparations, and static strength holds. 

Other Equipment - Trampette, Tricking Blocks, Safety Mats, Skipping Ropes, Space Hoppers, Agility Ladders, Bosu's, TRX Suspension Trainer, Foam Rollers, Hula Hoops, Climbing Ropes, Bungee Straps and lots, lots more!